5 Steps to Getting Heard in a Noisy World

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Communication strategies that once worked well and formed the backbone of most marketing plans are failing to generate significant results in today’s market. The economy has changed and to keep up you need to adopt new systems for connecting authentically with your community.
Our over stimulated society bombards us with 3000 messages a day so it’s important to think creatively, or risk going unheard.

So how do you get heard in a noisy and very crowded marketplace?

STEP # 1 – Identify Your Ideal Clients?

Understanding your clients goes WAY deeper than their demographic, socio-economic state and marital status. In order to serve them at the deepest level, you really have to understand them.
Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to market to everyone. Sure your fabulous product or service could enhance many lives. However without a clear understanding of your WHO, your communication initiatives will have little impact.
One of the best ways to forge long-term relationships with your prospects is to start by asking these 3 questions…

  • “What does my ideal customer lie awake at night worrying about that I can solve?”
  • “How does my message give them hope that they too can be free of……… (insert your expertise here)?”
  • “What is that big dream they have for themselves that I can help them with?”


STEP # 2 – Where Are They

It saddens me when I hear exhausted entrepreneurs reveal that they’re EVERYWHERE, yet still struggle to find clients.

If you product helps busy mums organise their life, then don’t waste your time with those early morning 6am breakfast meetings. I guarantee your ideal client is not there…she’s at home wishing she had your product to make her life easier.

Once you’ve identified where to find your ideal client get in front of them at every opportunity. When you can’t be there in person then leverage the power of the Internet. While there is nothing stronger than face-to-face connections, the Internet gives entrepreneurs a tool that breaks down any geographical boundaries to connecting with your ideal client.

The possibilities of connecting are endless so here’s a few places to start…

  •  Share valuable information in online forums, remember to share don’t sell
  • Join associations relevant to your community
  • Offer to speak at events they attend (best quality leads at live events)
  • Make a guest appearance on other people’s tele- seminars, or launch your own


STEP # 3 – How To Capture Their Attention?

After all your fabulous work connecting with your audience, you MUST ensure that you have a system in place that allows you to reach out to them and provide the support they seek. And the beauty of online communications is that you can claim your slice of Internet Real Estate and start connecting in a matter of hours.
Here are a couple of ways to capture your ideal client’s attention…

  • Interview an expert or review their book and share the interview with your community
  • Create a simple blog where you share valuable content that speaks to your audience
  • Initiate powerful discussions on your social networking sites
  • Dare to be controversial. Remember you want to STAND OUT in a busy market so be brazen.
  • Turn your expertise into a series of 200-500 word articles and submit them to relevant trade publications and article submission sites.

Your objective is to get your message heard in as many of the RIGHT places as possible. When you share valuable and heart centred information your community will connect more powerfully with you.

STEP # 4 – Ways To Keep Them Interested

Once people start joining your community you need to keep in regular contact. A mistake many entrepreneurs make is to get all fired up about their new newsletter, only to let it dwindle off and fade away. Don’t let this happen. Consistent contact is the key to nurturing any relationship.

Here are a few ways to keep connected…

  •  Create a series of auto responders prospects receive when they optin to your Special Report
  • Develop several simple information products that solve your prospect’s problems
  • Start a blog, even better a video blog so your prospects connect with the ‘real’ you
  • Launch an e-zine or online magazine that pulls together valuable content
  • Remember people authentic and heart-felt connections so share little pieces of yourself as well as your business.

STEP # 5 – When To Sell?

Business is about making a profit and entrepreneurs often tell me that ‘selling’ is their biggest challenge. Selling is a mutually beneficial exchange. You have a gift to share and someone is looking for a solution to their problem.
If you shy away from selling you’re denying your community an opportunity to experience what you have to share. Here are 3 points to remember when ‘selling’ to your prospects:

  • ALWAYS, offer your prospects an opportunity to take the next step with you vs launching into a sales pitch.
  • When a client has purchased from you, offer them an opportunity to gain access to more detailed information, clients will want to know how you can help them further.
  •  Serve your clients well and they will become your biggest publicity machine.

Remember to target the RIGHT market, make communication a priority, get comfortable with sales and your business will soar.

Guest contributor Tania Usher

Tania Usher International

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