1.GIVE GENEROUSLY ON THE FRONT END – Combine your own resources, with that of sponsors to give generously to your clients. Just like the law of gravity, the law of sowing and reaping exists. WHY? If you want clients to invest in what you offer, you need to be willing to invest in them first.

2.CREATE THE WOW FACTOR IN THE ROOM – Incorporate banners, plants, balloons to decorate the room and create the atmosphere. WHY? You only have once chance at a first Impression so make sure that when clients walk into the room it has a WOW factor

3. MANAGE THE EVENT THROUGH GOOD LEADERS – Before the Event make up a list of tasks, clearly outlining what has to be done and who will manage it. WHY? An event is much easier to manage if you have good leaders in place to manage different tasks. This way you only have to

manage the managers and not the whole Team. www.whatworkingwomenwant.com

4.VALUE YOUR TEAM – Be personally interested in your leaders and their lives. Be sure to express appreciation of their efforts and publicly recognize whenever possible. They will reproduce the leadership you set the example of. WHY? People will go the extra mile for you if they feel valued and appreciated.

5. CONFIRM, CONFIRM, CONFIRM – Ensure that people are confirmed for the Event via several different methods in the leadup to the Event. By autoresponders on the internet, via hard copy letters in the mail, via sms‟s closer to the Event. WHY? When people are reminded about the Event, it helps create an excitement and expectation about the Event. The last thing you want is for people to not attend, because they got busy and forgot. We live such busy lives, people appreciate the reminder.

6. TREAT EVERYONE LIKE A VIP – Treat every attendee and every speaker as a VIP. Do everything you can at the Event to make them feel special. Don‟t wait for them to ask you for something, anticipate their needs and be helpful without being asked. If you don‟t know the answer to a question, don‟t fake it…tell them you‟ll find out and get back to them. WHY? People don‟t care what you know until they first know that you care. Relationship is one of the most important things to building a successful business.

7. HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY – It‟s sooooooooo important to have fun along the way. Happiness is not a destination, it‟s a journey, so be sure to enjoy the journey! WHY? People will be willing to help time and time again if they‟ve enjoyed the experience.


Fabe Keily

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