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Key reasons why I changed my mind and decided to purchase the Evergreen Business System

  1. Because I am about to start running Bite Size Training webinars and this system made it really easy for me to implement
  2. I love the fact that there are ready made templates to pick and choose from
  3. I love that you can split test the opt-in templates to see which people prefer eg with video or without
  4. The fact that it integrates with my aweber listbuilding system easily [this was a big plus]
  5. That affiliates can promote for me very easily
  6. That it has a built in viral form that you can use to encourage people to share your webinar details
  7. The scheduling feature is fabulous
  8. I don’t have to worry about technical issues – so many people’s webinars just do not work they are always crashing, losing sound etc
  9. There is no ongoing fees
  10. I can choose to host them myself or they will host them for me
  11. I can pre-record the content and make sure that it is easy for everyone to watch and take notes without any interruptions

That is just for starters. I also love that you can preset your webinars to be all organised on different topics for different lists and it can all be easily managed by  your VA.

And for those who love the live interaction there is no reason why you cannot set up a facebook forum to answer questions at any time.

Just makes sense to me. I still believe transparency is key to this working. But from my conversations on facebook today, from what I heard people prefer recorded anyway so that sealed the deal for me.

What are your thoughts on automated webinars.

Go and check out the full tutorial I know the ideas of how you can use it in your business is going to come flooding in like it did for me. I am actually going to be running webinars and Bite Size Marketing modules on exactly how we are going to use it in our business.

Click here to watch the Evergreen Business System complete video you will be impressed!




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