Are you coming to watch me get raked over the coals in public?

If you are anything like me you either love Facebook PPC or you Hate it!. I am somewhere in the middle at the moment. As you heard in the video I have been chatting to Zoe Deluca who seems to have mastered the Facebook PPC beast. I recently tried to run another campaign and I was definitely not happy with my results so I chatted to Zoe and she agreed to use me as a guinea pig at her live 2 hour workshop in Sydney next Friday 22 July in Bondi.

I told her she could pull it apart

Yep it is true, those who know me well know that letting go of the rains, on anything I do, is very rare. But I trust Zoe implicitly so I am handing over my whole PPC campaign to her at this 2 hour workshop.

Trust me I will be there watching her like a hawk to figure out what I am doing wrong.

If you have been avoiding using this fantastic advertising tool called Facebook PPC because you have not been able to master it [like me], or because you have been too afraid to even have a go. Then I highly, highly, highly recommend you come and join us.

I have not seen anyone pull apart someone’s campaign at an event like this before. So Zoe will go through

  • What Facebook likes and does  not like [do's and don'ts] when creating your PPC ads
  • Headlines that Facebook loves!
  • Images that get great click through rates
  • Copy – what works and what triggers Facebook to disapprove your ad straight away [yes there are triggers]
  • How to get your PPC costs down really, really low while increasing your click through rate [I will be watching this part really closely]
  • Plus a free tool that makes creating 15 ads at a time really easy!

This workshop will be jammed pack with goodies for you to start confidently using Facebook PPC to

  • Build your list
  • Get more traffic’
  • Convert more sales

Without any stress! Trust me  I have been pulling my hair out literally!

The price Zoe is charging is just silly for the value she is sharing at the workshop!

Come join me as Zoe Deluca drags my PPC campaign over the coals and learn how to do it the RIGHT WAY at this fabulous 2.5 hour workshop.  Zoe is good and she makes learning really simple [I love step by step].

Click on the link below to book your seat and I will see you there on the 22nd July.




PS. If you have not downloaded your 61 Ways to Use Video In Your Business Free Report click here to get your copy [it includes a free tutorial on how to send your first video email].

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