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Frank Kern Gets Social as Pam Interviews her Mentor in San Jose

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In the last edition of Social Media Woman e magazine for 2011 I have sourced the best of the best to provide you with some really great tips, tools, strategies and tutorials that you will be able to implement into your business in 2012 and start the year pumping.

  • The President of the Internet Himself [and my mentor] Frank Kern will be giving you a sneak peak into his predictions as to where you should be focusing your time and marketing efforts in 2o12 [We listened to the State of the Internet Address Jan 2011 and implemented exactly what Frank told us to do and we have had a HUUUUGE year]
  • Mari Smith – the Pied Piper of Facebook and I have a chat about her predictions with social media in 2012 and also how important influence and relationship marketing will be to your success next year.
  • Kate Buck Jr – will be sharing some tips and strategies for maximizing the use of Google + and now that there are Google Plus Business Pages how that can work for your business.
  • Mara Glazer – Will be sharing with you the launch of her new business for women business owners which I am very excited to be participating in.
  • Book Review with Amanda Steven’s new book Purse Strings – a must read if your target market is women consumers. I am a contributor to the book and can’t recommend it enough if you want to become a leading influence in the feminine market in 2o12 [billion dollar target market].
  • James Wedmore – shares his 10 strategies for creating video sales letters that convert like crazy!
  • Plus – the launch sneak peak of my new expanding brand SheExperts launching in January 2012.

So many more amazing contributors in this month’s edition. So make sure you register to get your copy in the optin box to the right or you can register on the landing page http://www.socialmediawoman.com

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Pam Brossman
CEO, Social Media Woman



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