Iphone Video Hero

Click here to Check out iPhone Video Hero

So what is it?

Well if you are a iphone geek [which I am not] then you are going to love this. When I showed it to Steve Brossman he got so excited because so many of our clients use iphones and we had no idea how easy it was to use it for your video marketing.

Plus, now that the Zi8 and Z10 are no longer in production we were looking for alternatives for you to use that was inexpensive for your video marketing and I think this may just be perfect.

Obviously there is a few extra tools that you need to be able to get good sound quality and stable videos but my friend Jules has covered all this in his brand new course.

So why do I think it is so awesome?

  • The best videos and video opportunities are always, always when you do not have your camera with you eg my recent opportunity to video Frank Kern in San Jose. My Z10 was not working so what did we do? – We filmed the complete video on Lisa Tremolada’s iphone.  Imagine missing that opportunity!
  • There are now tools that allow you to put your camera on a stand or add a mic for quality sound [just as good as the zi8 and z10]
  • The latest iphone has 1080HD quality – as good as an expensive camera
  • You can now upload and edit your videos on the fly using YouTube enhancement and editing tools [Jules covers all this in the course]
  • It is easy to use and Steve found all these features that he did not even know existed on his phone [once you do the course you will never look at your iphone the same way again]
  • Plus the resource list – we could  not believe how many add on toys there are for seriously using your iphone as a video camera for your business. Imagine being at an event and capturing that priceless testimonial or a real estate agent getting some magic pictures and videos to create an animoto for the client when they have secured the contract for [wow factor], or you are a speaker and you just want some ‘show reel’ moments for your bio but don’t have a cameraman there to capture the moment but you do have your iphone

There is  no limit to how you are going to use your iphone for your video marketing in 2012. Steve is so excited that he is giving me his old iphone and upgrading to the latest iphone so that he can have all the features.

Note this is for iphone 4 users and above for the video features in this course. I also believe a lot of what is being taught and the apps that Jules mentions can also be used on the ipad2 video.

So I guess you are saying what is it going to cost? Well when I spoke to Jules he said he wanted to get lots of people using their iphone for video marketing so he has put his course out at a ‘Crazy‘ I mean ‘Crazy price of only $47.

You saw the video – the resource page alone is worth more than the $47. I did not even know this stuff existed for iphones. It would have taken 2-3 hours to search for this stuff so $47 is a no brainer.

Anyway – I know you are all going on holidays over Christmas. And some of you may be getting a new phone in your Santa Sack. So if you are planning on doing some videoing or want to be able to capture those magic moments on the fly then you are going to love iPhone Video Hero course.

Plus if you have a bricks and mortar business and want to be shooting videos to drive traffic back to your store then this is all you need!

I’ve already got the course – now I just have to get Steve to give me the phone so I can have a play with it.

Click here to Check out iPhone Video Hero

PS. Leave some ideas on how you are going to use your iphone for video marketing in 2012. Steve and I are thinking of running an iphone video competition in the New Year with some cool prizes so get the course and start practising.

PPS. Steve and I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. Wishing you happiness, love and laughter with your friends and family for 2012.










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