The Secret To Building An Online Community

Wonderful Web Women CEO Janet Beckers

 You‘ve heard about win-win. You may even have heard about win-win-win. But win x 4??

In business I‘ve found most people have the 2 x win mastered and good businesses have the 3x win covered most of the time. But very few consider the 4thparty, especially when designing marketing campaigns. The 4thwin test is very simple but it forces you to think outside the square and look for creative options and is the core to building a very loyal and growing community online.The concept is so powerful, it is one of the factors that won me Australian marketer of The Year 10 months ago…..Curious?

The 4 Parties

The 4 parties in any marketing campaign are:

1.You: you want to increase your marketing message and make money. After all, you‘re in business

2.Joint Venture Partners: This could be as simple as affiliates or as sophisticated as a partner in product creation

 3.General Public: building new relationships by showing future clients or prospects how you may be able to assist them

4.Your customer: they need to understand the benefits of the product or service you are selling and receive excellent value when they decide to purchase. This is one often ignored. When creating a marketing campaign, the campaign itself should have the ability to change people‘s lives, even if they never go on to buy your product.

To demonstrate how this works, let me walk you through an example of a campaign I recently designed.

Wonderful Web Radio

 Wonderful Web Radio launches very soon and is designed to increase awareness of Wonderful Web Women and act as a lead generator and brand awareness. Each show runs for 30 minutes once per week and is hosted on our Joint Venture Partner‘s site,Women‘s Radio. The plan was to provide highlights of the many expert interviews available to gold members of Wonderful Web Women so listeners would see the great value and choose to join us. After applying the 4thWin Test, it has become far more than that. Let me show you:

Me: I get to repurpose existing content and generate new leads through a web site which already gets great traffic

JV Partners: The experts I have already interviewed get their message in front of even more potential customers. Our JV Partner at Women‘s Radio has a program that will attract even more traffic to their site.

General Public: The shows are designed to give listeners really actionable information they can apply to their business and create great change Finding a win for these 4 groups was pretty easy. But then I thought…there is another group. My existing customers? How can I create a win for them?

Existing Customers: I know an important thing for my customers is any opportunity for them to promote their business. What if I could find a way for them to promote their businesses to the millions of visitors Women‘s Radio already gets?

Solution:We included a 10 segment on every show called ―Wonderful Web Rising Stars‖. In this segment our producer (also one of our rising stars) interviews existing customers about how they have applied what they have learned from our experts. This gives them the opportunity to talk about their business.

Not only does this give a great benefit to our customers, applying the 4thwin test actually increased the wins for the other 3 groups: Each case study benefits me because it demonstrates my customers get results, my JVs benefit as most rising stars refer to one of our experts each show, the listeners benefit because they learn from very real people, just like them, who took action and created change. This is highly motivating for them.

I‘d love to hear about how you use the 4thWin Test. Apply it to every marketing strategy you design and every JV you do and you will see dramatic results in your business. This is one of the strategies I teach in my 4thDimension Mastery program.

Janet Beckers is the founder and host of Wonderful Web Women, an award winning on-line community recognisedfor generous and honest marketing advice for women on the internet. A sought –after international speaker and international best-selling author, Janet has inspired thousands of people world-wide to follow their dreams and realisetheir potential by building a profitable business on the Internet based on their passions. She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, most recently Australian Marketer of The Year 2009.

Janet Beckers

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