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Fiona how has writing these books personally impacted your own success as I know you are not only a successful author but also a successful investor and property developer? Have you learnt a lot along the way?

 I remember reading once that to be successful you need to surround yourself with successful people, or people who have achieved what you‘re trying to achieve. So in creating the Millionaire series I found I was talking to and meeting with the most amazing people everyday. Many of these people have become friends and part of my everyday life and I have found that I am now surrounded with amazingly successful and likeminded people. Writing the millionaire series has definitely taken my own business and investing to the next level as I am basically studying mindset and personal development full time -how could it not! My belief in what is possible has grown exponentially.

If someone was wanting to create their own book, what advice would you give them for getting started?

 Believe you can do it and take action. It only has to be one step at a time. There is a great saying that says, ‗a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step‘, so you need to take that step and let it unfold from there. But it‘s also really important to keep the vision of what you want to achieve in your mind. Get a mock of the book cover created and stick it to your vision board next to the deadline to finish your book! Having a deadline for each of my books has been crucial. So set a deadline and stick to it!

Fiona we met on a Millionaire Cruise last year and instantly became the best of friends, which is where you invited me to be a part of the fantastic Ms Millionaire edition. From your initial idea to now, how much has the original idea changed and what exciting books can we expect in the near future?

 Creating the millionaire series has been an incredible journey and it keeps getting better! What started out as one book, Mr Millionaire, has now become a six book series. So the series now includes Mr Millionaire, Ms Millionaire, Property Millionaire, Franchise Millionaire, Teenage Millionaire and Millionaire Mentors. In 2010, we have released Mr Millionaire, Ms Millionaire and Property Millionaire! I am currently working on multiple business ideas based on the book series, which is very exciting.

How are you planning marketing the Ms Millionaire book and will you be using any social media in your marketing plan?

 Absolutely! Social media is a very important part of marketing. We use Twitter and Facebook to let people know about the books and stay in touch with our readers and contributors. You definitely can‘t market anything nowadays without the use of social media. We‘re so fortunate to have Pam as part of the Ms Millionaire book. Pam‘s advice, support and expertise in social media has been phenomenal.

Fiona and Rebecca Ms Millionaire is brilliant book that I know many women around the world will want to get a copy of. They will be available shortly from my website, meanwhile where can they find out more about you, the millionaire book series and any events you have planned?

 Visit our website www.themillionairebooks.comand click on the Ms Millionaire book where you can find out about the incredible women in our book, and a little about Rebecca and I. We are also planning some amazing events that will give people access to the millionaires in our book. While you‘re on the website join our mailing list so we can keep you updated on our upcoming events!

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