This would have to be one of our most powerful video marketing strategies that we highly recommend for our clients. Below is a list of the key reasons why video interviews are so powerful and why you should start using them as a strategy in your marketing plan.

Video Interviews work because…

  • Being seen as an interviewer of experts in your niche positions you higher in the eyes of your target market
  • It gives you the opportunity to build a rapport with other people’s target market
  • It allows you to promote others and create JV opportunities
    • It enables you to provide value to your customers, subscribers and followers by bringing them information and experts of interest to them and their business
    • People connect and engage better when they can see and hear your interview
    • SEO video benefits and promotional benefits for both parties
    • Can be used as a list building opportunity
    • Can be used as a product creation or bonus gift for both businesses

It is a very strong relationship building tool. By interviewing experts and introducing them to your client base it allows you to build a rapport and relationship with leading experts in your niche.

The more you give and help others to promote their area of expertise, without asking for anything in return, the stronger relationships you build. It is about helping others to succeed and promoting others for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Steve Brossman has a background in TV and is now recognisedas a leading interviewer both nationally and globally.

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Steve Brossman



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