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Yes the Online Magazine Creation Page Flip Marketing Course has finally launched and the feedback has been awesome. Firstly, I want to thank everyone who asked me to create this product in the first place. If it was not for you this product would not exist.

The most exciting part for me has been that as I started creating it – it became so much bigger than I ever even imagined. It started out with me teaching people how to create an online magazine and then as I started creating the content all these other ideas on how to use this media kept popping into my head.

The possibilities for ‘digital flip page marketing‘ across the board is huge. And as I did my market research, I saw that no one was using the tool to it’s maximum potential and that is when the ‘light bulb’ went on for me. Have a think about the possibilities for your business in using this tool.  Or if you are a VA or Graphic Designer, think about how you could as this as another  service offering for your clients.

Here is just a few of the ideas I have come up with so far with more in the pipeline…

  • Page Flip brochures – that engage the customer and gives them an experience of what it is like to work with you, your brand and your services
  • Page Flip catalogs whereby people can be given a video call to action, demonstrations, links to buy directly from the catalog ['NONE' of the major retailers are doing this craziness]
  • Page Flip magazines – that is how I first got started. I always wanted to use video – but technology was just too expensive. Now it is so cheap anyone can start building their brand, their list and a residual income with online page flip magazines
  • Page Flip CV’s – I only came up with this the other day – how to stand out in an interview with a video – page flip resume
  • Page Flip Sales Pages – just like mine whereby the video never starts back at the beginning as you flip it just resumes where you left off
  • Page Flip Product Pages - you can highlight the specials or if you sell a lot of products – why make people scroll down the page when they can easily browse through your product catalog, click on what interests them and be taken to that product sales page [simple]

Women are one of the biggest spenders online.  They love to browse and they love innovation and creativity. Why not deliver your products, messages and services in a format they are so use to doing ‘browsing through magazines, catalogs and brochures to decide what to buy’ eg ‘digital magazines’ or flipping page marketing material!

Will they read every word? Don’t be silly. Do you think we do that in a normal magazine? Heck no. But they will browse and whatever catches their eye they will definitely:

  • Read
  • Forward to their girlfriends for their advice [ free viral marketing for you]
  • Leave a comment [but of course you will have Facebook comments on the page] more free marketing
  • Print off or download the information they are interested in [good for the environment - plus no print costs on your end]
  • Forward that pdf to a friend so that they can check it out too [ free marketing]
  • ‘Like’ it if they think it is pretty cool – [more free marketing]
  • Be able to view it on their iphone or ipad to share some more – make it available with the tools people are using right now!
  • Then when everyone agrees it is perfect for them to buy – at the push of a buy now button, they can order on the spot directly from the brochure, flyer, catalog or magazine or even a flipping page sales letter
  • Oh, did I mention that you can keyword it too – yes SEO benefits also….hmmm sounds like a ‘no brainer’ to me

Look, people are bored with plain old sales pages, websites, email marketing – they need to have some fun and page flip marketing is a great way to interact, engage, connect and sell, serve, market to your existing clients while opening up a huge opportunity to meet new ones.

So what is your thoughts of Page Flip Marketing?

I would love to know your thoughts on page flip marketing and any other ideas of how you think it could be used that I have not already come up with. There really is no limit to this fabulous marketing concept. It is still in it’s infancy and not as seamless as I would like – but hey they are updating it every week and that excites me.

If you enjoyed this blog post please like, share, leave a comment or ask me any questions – I really love your thoughts and feedback. And if by chance you want to learn how to use it in your own business – you can purchase the ‘Online Magazine Creation’ pack here.

PS. If anyone believes their clients or subscribers would benefit from this course and would like to promote as an affiliate you can sign up as an affiliate here - Please abide by all FTC rulings when promoting any of our products thank you.

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Page FlipHave a fabulous day.

Don’t forget Social Media Woman e magazine May edition launches on the 31st May and I have some fabulous content for you.



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