I got this email from Ryan Deiss today and I downloaded the free report and it got me thinking?

  • Has things really shifted?
  • Is it really getting harder to make money online?
  • How can I better provide value and buck the trend of doom?

If you have not already read Ryan’s free report I highly recommend you check it out. In it he covers:

  • The 3 giant companies who are KILLING the internet using an old Wal-Mart strategy
  • Apple’s next big move to SQUEEZE you out
  • How forward thinking entrepreneurs will surely PROFIT millions while others will be isolated by ignorance
  • The 2 hot areas of growth (you’ll never guess) that will make marketers the most money in 2012 & 2013
  • 5 strategies that can RAKE -IN profits for smart marketers right now during the “transition” and beyond
    and much, much more…

The report is free, and you can draw your own conclusions once you read it, but Ryan told me that he WILL remove
it from public view very soon to avoid industry blow-back.

Click the link below right now to claim your free copy
Once you have ready it let me know your thoughts. Do you agree or do you think it is all hype?

Have a fantastic day.



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