25 years ago I wrote and illustrated my book Emergings, a meditation on the emotions of

change when I was navigating a major change in my career: I had a choice to make and I

chose the path less traveled. I left a safe secure teaching job to become a full time artist

and in the process I created a successful business. This was a bold step: I had been told at

the age of twelve I could not draw! Now, all these years later & after many requests by

others I have self-published Emergings. It is now available in hardback at Blurb and in

paperback atAmazon. December will see the launch of The Emergings Experience the

online package.


Emergings is ideal for anyone seeking to understand and master the emotional challenge,

often very profound, which always accompanies any attempt to break from old ways and

launch ourselves on a new path.


will inspire and empower:

  • Anyone who has set out on a path of self-discovery
  • Anyone who wants to live their life on purpose
  • Anyone who wants to make a difference
  • Anyone whose emotions are challenged by facing the challenge of change
  • Anyone for who “more of the same” will not work

Whether you are moved by words or visual imagery, you will find something in this book to delight and inspire you and anyone you choose to share the book with as a gift. Many people have praised the book: E.Dee Conrad author of A New Dawn Awaits said: “Emergings contains such a basic and fundamental truth! It really condenses so many of the core teachings of Buddhism into a poem!”

 Now that, after all this time, I have launched my book on the world, I am able through the awesome power of Social

Media to promote it in a way that was unthinkable only a few years ago. The key ways I am using social media to

promote my book are:

  • Blogging, both on my main blog and on the dedicated Emergings book site
  • Guest posting on other inspirational blogs
  • Commenting on blogs within my niche
  • Blog Talk Radio interview
  • You Tube- with me talking about the book and reading pages from the book plus I have a trailer of the book.

Making fun engaging videos that inspire others.

  • Using Pixelpipe to distribute videos to a wider audience
  • Animoto- making catchy videos with the images, and highlighting the emotions
  • Twitter and LinkedIn to share my blog posts, my videos and start promoting the upcoming launch
  • Sharing inspirational quotes, remember it is important to add value on all platforms
  • ITwitter to put out my 2000 character submission to be on Oprah in Australia, with the book‘s title as the hash tag
  • Engaging my facebook community to share my message with the their friends,fans and the world
  • Joining in the conversation on my friends Facebook pages
  • Using my Facebook Page to promote the book and the package
  • Running a contest on Facebook and my blog
  • Creating a launch event on Facebook and then using live video.
  • Social Media media releases via Pitch Engine
  • Kiva Group (Change Warrior) linked to upcoming promotion
  • Currently also experimenting with Amplify
  • Interviewing other authors and change warriors for my new TV channel

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