The Traffic Player – Video Player for WordPress

How cool is this player!

Click here to check it out - there is a free trial [that is what I used in this video of The Traffic Player the free trial version]

I just got this in my in box today and I was so impressed with it that I h ad to share it with you. Below is just some of the reasons why you would want to use this player in your business and on your website.

  1. It is easy to install – simply upload and activate the plugin – get access to the plugin here [The Traffic Player]
  2. It allows you to host YouTube videos professionally on your own website
  3. It does not show the YouTube logo so it looks  like it is hosted by you
  4. It does not show related videos or link back to YouTube
  5. It still tracks the views on YouTube from your website so you get the virability
  6. Video SEO of YouTube clicks will help you get on page 1 of YouTube as well as Google from your website
  7. It looks really cool and the full version will have lot of skins to choose from
  8. And I think there is even more features coming
  9. It uses Google Analytics so you can track your traffic stats
  10. I believe it may also track insights as  he mentioned YouTube stats aswell

That is just a few of the reasons I am excited about using this new video player. Just go an watch the video and check out the free trial and tell me what you think. Click  here to get the trial version of The Traffic Player.
If you have any questions please leave a comment below. If you think this player is cool share with your friends by tweeting, sharing of facebook and Linked-in.


PS. Flipping Page Online Magazine Marketing Product launches this week more details soon.

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