Video News – Video Scripting the 3 G’s To Get It Right!

You have to forgive me for leaving in the blooper….I could not help myself. But I did this for 3 reasons

  1. To show you that even the experts make bloopers
  2. That it is okay to be human in your videos
  3. And that people actually engage more with your message when you appear to be just like them.

Video marketing is not about becoming the ‘News Reader’ it is about getting the…

  • right message
  • to the right market
  • that takes them to a desired action or outcome

However you choose to communicate that message will be dependent on the target audience.

  • If you are a solicitor or consultant be a little bit more formal
  • If you are a life coach or mentor be more conversational
  • If you are a product owner be more demonstrative

You get the idea, match your message to your market – video is just the medium in which you can get it there faster, more effectively and more emotively.

Remember when doing your scripting:

  • Grab their attention as soon as you begin your message eg in this video I will show you or tell you or teach you ….
  • Give something of value eg some great information, tips or directions that they can implement immediately to get a result and want to come back for more
  • Get them to do something (call to action) subscribe, opt-in, purchase, leave a comment, share something that will allow you to get your desired outcome

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Please leave a comment below about Steve’s blooper and if you think it is okay to be human on camera and still be seen as professional. Also if you found this helpful please share on facebook and twitter.

Cheers Pam & Steve

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