Traffic Grab Product Review

To get the Video Affiliate Marketing [Traffic Grab] Bonus you must purchase through the link above before 30 April 2011.

Send me your receipt after the money back guarantee period to and I will give you immediate access to the Video Affiliate Marketing Course. If you want to check out what you get when you buy [Traffic Grab] through my link you can visit the sales page here.

Traffic Grab covers just about every aspect of driving traffic to your business that is working right now. James Schramko is a stickler for traffic and I have not met anyone who does it better. Just watch the 4 free Traffic Grab videos using the link below and make up your own mind.

Best $79 you will spend this year.

Steve Brossman and I have been a part of James’ mastermind group for over 6 mths now and we were fortunate enough to see this course prior to launch. Even if you do not want to learn it then buy it for your VA, personal assistant, web master or whomever manages your online presence because this is the best traffic information you will find on the internet outside of paying someone $1500 per month or more to do it for you.

Enjoy. Let me know what you think of the free video tutorials and any results you got from just implementing some of James’ Traffic Grab strategies into your business.

Other interesting news

  • If you missed out on the $10.95 graphics package last week it is still available. Click on image below to get your package over 120 people thanked me so far. Fabulous!
  • We are running two x 3 day Video Marketing Bootcamps one at the end of April and the other mid June for those of you who want to learn the latest video and digital marketing strategies for your business. To find out more visit or click on the image below.

  • How to create your own online magazine product is underway by request of some of my subscribers – more details coming soon
  • If you are an ebay seller you will be very excited by the next Social Media Woman magazine due out in May but if you have not already seen this month’s online magazine with video you can see it here

Social Media Woman Magazine March 2011

Have a fantastic week and I will chat soon with more updates on what is happening in the world of digital marketing.


Pam Brossman

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