Importance of Branding Consistency

Key Tips:

  • Get some professional photo’s done, make them real not staged, outdoor shots are usually great eg old buildings, textured walls, ocean, rocks etc give your photos some character that represents your personality
  • If you live in San Fran highly recommend Rachel Capil of she took mine and Steve Brossman’s photos and we love them
  • Keep your brand consistent across all your communication mediums including twitter, facebook, youtube, TV channel, intros for videos (these are a must) emails, webinars (people always forget these, I saw one the other day it was shocking), presentations very, very important
  • Think about colours and use those colours all the time (3 colours are a great number) eg my colours are burnt orange/red, dark grey and turquoise and I try and stick to these colours as much as I can
  • I sometimes wear different dresses in my video tips to introduce my bubbly personality but my intro and outro is always the same so people know it is me before they actually get to the video
  • You want people to know every time they see your picture, your logo or you in person
    1. who you are
    2. what you do
    3. your values (eg someone they want to know, like and trust)
    4. your WOW (eg, what makes you stand out in the crowd)
Start looking at your brand and thinking… does this really represent me, my business and my values?
Sometimes a brand can get a bit tired and it is okay to make a change. As long as you communicate why and make your clients and customers a part of the change you will be amazed at what a positive impact it can have on YOU, YOUR BRAND and more importantly the GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS.
See you next week.

Pam Brossman

CEO, Social Media Woman
Video Marketing & Personal Branding
Speaker, Trainer & Branding Consultant

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