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The Photos Have Been Chosen

Last week I went through the importance of thinking about your colours and gave you a few tips on how to find the right person and what to watch out for.

This week I wanted to show you what I had been up to with taking my video marketing to a new level using green screens. Some of you who are on the Social Media newsletter may have seen the one I created for Steve last week. This is what I created using my new brand colours which are Pinks and Deep Purple/Blue.  What do you think? (Please leave your feedback below).

Green screen allows you to create a more professional background than you are able to create in your office or in your own home if you are a solopreneur or work at home Mum. These days they are very cheap indeed and over the coming weeks I will be sharing step-by-step tutorials on how you can easily create your own ‘new look brand’ using this video marketing strategy for your own videos.

Thank you for all who voted on my photographs


Note: These are the low res untouched shots that have been sent off to be edited!

As some of you may have been aware I had my photoshoot for the new social media woman website that is being built. I am not sure if you are have heard but there is a new wordpress tool out there called Builder and my wordpress guru (who is going to be creating cool templates for Social Media Woman  to check out for their own rebrands if and when they are ready) so that will be coming soon.

Anyway, as part of the build using this new WordPress tool I had to get some photos taken and above are the final 6. But I need you to help me choose one for my Youtube Channel background and Twitter background and my Facebook Fanpage welcome page. I am actually having a couple more done at the Bootcamp we are running in 2 weeks so I may hold off.

Putting together so great rebrand packages for you!

I am going to be providing you with some really great branding deals using the ‘social media woman branding team’ which is being set up as we speak. That’s right I am going to be putting together great branding packages to help you take your business to the ‘next level’ of professionalism and branding plays a huge part.  That is why I have been showing you step-by-step the process I am going through to rebrand my business. That way you will not think it is too daunting when the time comes to do your own.

If you have any key questions that you would like me to answer about the rebrand process or any tutorials you would like me to do as part of the ‘free tutorial month’ for the relaunch of social media woman just leave your comments below.

Free Tutorial Month – April 2010

Because you have all been such a huge support throughout the whole rebrand process I want to say thank you. So I have decided for the 4 weeks of April with the relaunch of the new website I was going to create free tutorials (maybe webinars still deciding) to help you learn what you need to know. Here are some of the topics people have already asked for. I will pick the most popular 4 and run 4 free sessions to help you get started. I have two more spots left what would you like to learn?

  1. Mari Smith has asked for ‘ppt branded templates’
  2. Roz Fruchtman has asked for creating green screen videos
  3. What else would you like to know?
  4. Anything else?

Next week the actual unedited videos from the photo shoot

and make-up and hair session!

That’s right I got Steve Brossman to shoot the whole thing so you could see the before and after. You have seen the end result next week I will show you snippets of the actual photoshoot and how we actually managed to get these shots. You will not believe how long it took. But it was lots of fun.

See you next week :)


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