My Rebranding Dramas

Yes the last couple of weeks would have to be the most trying I have had to experience in business in a long while. Who would have thought a simple rebrand of your business could get so complicated.

Anyway, I wanted to share my experience with you and give you a couple of tips to ensure that when you are ready to do your own rebranding (and there will come a time where a ‘new look’ is just what you need to boost your business), that it goes a lot smoother than mine.

Picking a colour/stylist

  1. Make sure you get your colour chart and style shape done correctly!
    I spent a lot of money only to find the colour specialist picked the wrong season.  She told me I was an Autumn when clearly I was a Winter and the colours were very different (Autumn dull colours, Winter rich and bright). In her favor, she gave me a lot of really handy tips for my wardrobe but luckily I had a second colour session done before I spent any money on my wardrobe.
    tip 1: if the colours do not seem right to you, no matter what they say, go with your instincts, because your intuition is usually right and get a second opinion!
  2. Colours are really important for your:
    • brand
    • making a statement of who you are and what you represent
    • standing out in a crowded market
    • representing YOU as a LEADER in your niche
  3. Your colours MUST be consistent in your:
    • appearance
    • branding
    • logos
    • presentations
    • marketing material
    • social media
    • consistency is paramount to standing out in the crowd!
  4. Pick a colourist/stylist with lots of experience (best is a referral from someone who has used them in their own business with very positive results)
  5. Don’t be afraid to question their suggestions or recommendations (remember it is their opinion and experience, but that does not make it always right if they don’t understand your target market). If it does not represent you or how you wish to present yourself to your target audience, then give them a guide as sometimes ignorance to your business and target market can play a huge part in getting it wrong!
  6. Always helpful to create a portfolio of people in your niche who have that look or who have positioned themselves as a leader and who you wish to emanate (this helps them to choose suitable styles for your shape and colouring and give them a guide to work from)
  7. Do your homework and make sure the person who you are paying to rebrand you clearly understands who you are, what you represent, your target market, your style preferences so that they can create a powerful image that you can be proud to launch to the world

Next week I will be chatting to you about tips on finding the right photographer and make-up artist for the all important photo shoot.  It has taken me 3 photographer bookings to find the right one but that is next week’s story!

More exciting news

As some of you are aware, I got the chance to do a video interview with the beautiful and very talented Carrie Wilkerson known as The Barefoot Executive.  This woman has had a HUGE impact on many of the video marketing strategies that I have implemented into my business and I would have to credit her for 50% of the success of my business to date. Carrie was the one who taught me the power of just being me in front of the camera and the importance of branding, connecting and building relationships, towards the success of your business.

If you want to see success in action, really take the time to follow what she does. She is one very, very, very smart marketing woman! @barefoot_exec on twitter!

Below is Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview together. part 3 and 4 coming soon! Each one is more powerful then the next. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

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