How To Create Easy Backgrounds For Your Videos

Key Tips

This week is about backdrops here is just a couple of suggestions as mentioned in the video
  • use a portable wardrobe and hang material from the marterial shop
  • satin and textured material with a bit of a shine or that catches the light works really well
  • put a bit of a gather in the material so it hangs with different shadows and curves it looks fantastic with the natural lighting
  • stand in facing a big window to capture the light on your backdrop and in your eyes (natural light best light of all)
  • use a real backdrop like the ocean, mountain or even historical buildings that is always interesting
  • stay away from blacks and whites as this does not work as well with the camera unless you are wearing a stark contrast like red or hot pink, royal blue etc
  • if you are using a green screen you can get moving video backgrounds like these animated backgrounds
  • make sure the background is not a distraction from you and your key message but enhances it
  • you can also use pictures or powerpoint movies with green screens which is also very effective.
  • this is the powerpoint to video converter that I use
See you next week.

Pam Brossman

CEO, Social Media Woman

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