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Great way to do market research

We showed you how powerful it was to monitor your own videos using the power of the YouTube Insight tool. In this video I show you how you can use it to monitor your competitors videos (or a niche you may be contemplating entering).

How this information can be used:

  • It is very important to do your market research before entering any market
  • Use the keywords that are already working for the top ranking videos and see how they stack up using the Google Keyword Research Tool
  • Look at the headlines that your competitors are using and without copying them verbatim, use them to try and show up for related videos
  • If you see the opportunity to comment using one of your videos, on a high ranking video, do so (make sure it is not someone promoting the same product or who sees you as a competitor, as they will just delete you)
  • Look and see what is working in your niche and see how you can emulate the same style or results
  • Find out where their videos are redirecting too, to get product or website or affiliate ideas
  • Think about other niches, that are similar to what you are doing, that you could start promoting using video affiliate marketing for some extra residual income
  • Video affiliate marketing is such an untapped way to market and make money online. But it will not be for long as more and more people are getting over their fear of using video (by doing courses like ours).

Remember: just because your video may not get immediate traffic, don’t give up. Look at my video, last I looked it had 500 views and now it is over 8,000 without me sending any traffic. Online video and social marketing has a phenomenal compounding effect that you can easily tap into. Do the ground work properly and you will get the long term results.

This is just a sample of what you will learn in the 9 week course there is still spots available.

Don Crowther’s Social Marketing Process Map

Don Crowther is a reputable social media marketer and he believes that social media is a very, very powerful tool for marketing and monetisingĀ  your niche & target market.

If you haveĀ  not already watched his tutorials I highly recommend you watch all 3 videos. He has two downloads

  1. Video Marketing Strategy Map (brilliant)
  2. Social Marketing Process Map (brilliant)

Click here to watch the videos and study how he has managed to very successfully monetise social media.

What’s happening?

We have exciting news coming out next week that some of you will just want to participate in. Don’t miss next week’s video news.


Another Great Resource

Ryan Deiss gave away a really great .pdf this week on the changes Google recently made that is going to effect how your websites get ranked going forward. Highly recommend reading the report. You can get a copy here.

Ryan Deiss Google Report

He Also is giving away a free tool you can use in your marketing


9 week video marketing course with expert bonuses


Did you download James Schramko’s Free Mind Map yet it is really good!

Social Media Woman Magazine

Have a social day!


Pam Brossman

Tools & Resources I Recommend
Turn Articles into Videos Instantly – FantasticLearn How To Donminate YouTube

Animoto – fantastic for intro/outro and marketing movies

Aweber – email and newsletter autoresponder tool

Wonderful Web Woman - woman’s community

Market Samurai – amazing keyword research tool

Powerpoint to Video Converter Tool – Fantastic!

Video Motion Backgrounds