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YouTube Video Editor

This tool is still in Beta testing but I wanted to show you how it works so you can start playing with it and using it as another video marketing tool for your business.

Currently it is very limited but I do believe that YouTube and Google are open to people’s feedback so that they can make this free online video editor into a tool that many people will use going forward.

Below are some of the ways you could use this tool

  • Create video intros
  • To edit existing videos to focus of key tutorials or key information instead of longer 10 min videos
  • Upload your web cam video tips and edit them all at one from the one upload (must keep under YouTube’s 10 min limit)
  • Make sure you don’t do video spam and just put lots of short meaningless videos stuffed with keywords (people want quality not quantity)
  • Media reel where you can do 5-10 snippits to put on your website or redirect people as a promotional tool
  • Also if you make a mistake and change your mind with a already uploaded video, it is very easy to take out a snippet and rework it within YouTube then delete the original and reupload


  • It does not have a split function where you can edit wherever you want within the video only beginning and end
  • You cannot, at this point in time, upload your own royalty free music
  • You can only access your own videos and the most recent videos uploaded (cannot access older videos – this may change)
  • Quality of the videos does not seem to always be the same as the original upload.

Overall review

Great idea, needs a bit of work but I think it still has a long way to go before serious video marketers will use it as a video editor over and above what they are currently using offline.


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